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Our Legal Services

Patent Prosecution

Originating patent applications for clients’ inventions worldwide in a range of technologies, we prosecute patents to obtain the strongest claims possible.

Our clients are our top priority. We listen carefully and try to work as an integral part of your team, rather than as outside attorneys entirely separate from your organization. By taking a strategic and creative approach to your IP needs, we offer services that meet your budget and do not hesitate to give you advice that might mean less income for us. At Leber IP Law, your satisfaction is our priority, no matter the budget.

Our team’s knowledge and experience translate into efficiency. Patent law requires a specialized form of writing, and it takes time to learn to do it well. We try to be efficient in everything we do, attentive to whether our activities are adding value. It helps to have a former patent examiner on our team, who can often provide helpful insights into the workings of the U.S. Patent Office.

Recently Leber IP Law has been growing our services in clean technology, PTAB, trademarks, and industrial design. 

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