About Us

Grounded in Strong Values
  • Uphold integrity in all actions and decisions

  • Deliver high-quality, efficient service and work products

  • Extend kindness and listening to all

  • Set the standard for fair and competitive pricing

  • Provide excellent strategic value to clients and compensation to employees

A Law Firm Designed to Be Different

Celia Leber had a vision for a law firm that puts clients and employees first. Celia founded Leber IP Law in 2011 as a great place to work for highly qualified, kind people who want to provide an excellent client experience. She has created a firm with a professional but approachable culture, staffed by highly experienced, knowledgeable, and talented people that clients can rely on to be responsive and on their side.

Now Leber IP Law is a flourishing, woman-owned intellectual property law firm with a business presence in Boston, New York, Seattle, Idaho, Maine, and Ottawa, Canada. Our diverse team members work independently and collaboratively in a virtual firm environment, using secure, best-in-class cloud-based tools for efficient teamwork across North America and around the world.

Protecting Your Company’s Investments

In the past nine years, the firm has grown to eight patent and trademark attorneys and four paralegal/law clerks. Our business now covers most technology areas, including mechanical and design, electrical & automation, computer software and systems, chemistry & pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, and also handles trademark & industrial design matters. 

Our attorneys have advanced degrees in all these fields and know how to work closely with clients, considering each of their specific needs and budgetary requirements.  We help clients develop the best approach to protecting their intellectual property. Our firm is large enough to provide technical expertise in a wide variety of fields, but small enough to give a personal touch to each and every client matter.  


Our Company Culture

We hire highly experienced, talented people and trust them to do their jobs well. Instead of the competitive, stressful environment in typical law firms, our firm culture is based on respect, teamwork, caring, and appreciation. Although we work in the cloud, coast to coast, we come together effortlessly to collaborate as a team and are tightly integrated virtually.


We also take advantage of opportunities to see each other’s faces whenever we can…whether on video conferencing or in person at conferences or meetings. Our tight-knit, Ottawa-based team of paralegals/legal assistants meet regularly for working lunches to review topics and procedures.

From the way we integrate and involve our paralegals/law clerks to the way we communicate with others, we put people first in everything we do. We appreciate each team member’s contribution to the successful outcomes achieved for our clients.

Secure, Best-in-Class Cloud-Based Tools

Leber IP Law uses secure e-mail, voice mail, and voice-over-IP  systems to reduce costs and expedite communications. We communicate routinely and securely with clients and foreign associates worldwide.  We use secure, cloud-based document management systems to reduce costs and expedite the production, storage, and sharing of electronic documents.


Our cloud-based server systems are managed by certified technicians and protected by malicious software filtering tools.  Our attorneys and paralegals are trained in avoiding malicious communications and safeguarding client-confidential information.


In all communications and document handling, Leber IP Law makes all reasonable efforts to protect client-confidential information.

“We carefully consider how our work contributes to a client’s overall IP strategy and tailor our services appropriately. We never hesitate to give a client advice that results in
less income for us.”

--Founder Celia Leber


“Because we’re all in different locations across the U.S. and Canada, we communicate by email, video conferencing, and phone. Even though we’re far apart, I work more closely with the attorneys now than I ever did with attorneys and agents who were in the same building as me. Everyone cooperates and works well together. It’s a very friendly atmosphere.” 

Camille Girard, Paralegal/Patent Assistant