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Foreign Filings and U.S. Representation

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Leber IP Law provides responsive, cost-effective, and reliable docketing and execution of foreign filings for our domestic clients using an extensive and trusted network of in-country associate firms.  We also file and prosecute incoming U.S. patent applications for foreign associate firms on behalf of their clients. 

Outgoing Foreign Filings

  • We carefully select foreign firms for the quality of their work and communication, responsiveness, and ability to work within our clients’ cost constraints.

  • By frequently reevaluating the service we receive from foreign associate firms, we make sure our domestic clients are getting the best possible service and value.

  • Our periodic face-to-face meetings with many of our associate firms foster strong relationships that ultimately benefit our clients.

Incoming U.S. Filings

  • Flat-fee services include reliable estimates and prompt invoicing of expected costs.

  • We provide fast turnaround on urgent matters.

  • Communications with overseas clients through our foreign associates are respectful and accurate.

  • State-of-the-art docketing systems and robust practices ensure correct execution of filings the first time, reducing costs and streamlining prosecution.

  • Our expertise in U.S. prosecution issues and opportunities, shared where appropriate, helps our clients achieve successful prosecution.

  • Leber IP Law’s highly experienced paralegals have close relationships with our foreign associates, communicating directly to report filings and resolve prosecution issues. 

“Wrays has been working with Leber IP Law for over
seven years.


Celia and her team’s technical skill is highly impressive, while their work product is strategically focused and of exceptional caliber.  When building a patent portfolio, Leber IP Law is a team that you want
on your side.  


They add value at every level of the IP process and always have their client’s best interests in mind.”

–Linda Kennaugh BSc (Hons), PhD Biochemistry, FIPTA, Principal, Wrays

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