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Mechanical & Design

We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies, early-stage companies, and startups protect their mechanical and design technologies, including consumer products, clean energy systems, adaptive sports devices, pulp and paper technologies, medical devices, and devices used in the construction industry.

Equipped with a manufacturing engineering degree in addition to her J.D., Celia Leber specializes in protecting patents for mechanical devices and engineering processes. Celia has worked on asthma treatment devices, birth control devices, stem cell therapy methods, endotracheal

tubes, and devices for arthroscopic surgery.

At Leber IP Law Celia has worked on patents for physical therapy devices, intraoral devices, and drug delivery devices. Celia finds great satisfaction when she discovers a creative approach to a challenging case such as helping razor company Shavelogic establish and develop their patent portfolio for the latest in razor technology or assisting RES Equine to obtain patents for their equine protection products.

ShaveLogic, Inc.

Working side by side with in-house counsel to craft an IP strategy from the ground up


A startup company in the competitive wet shaving industry, ShaveLogic integrates a range of patented technology and product design elements to enhance maneuverability and glideability for a closer shave.  We have been with ShaveLogic since the start and take pride in being an important part of their team.

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