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We cover intellectual property

We help clients with their patent and trademark needs.
 Our clients are engineers and scientists, attorneys, and inventors
from all over the world.

          At Leber IP Law, our clients and employees are our highest priority.  During the difficulties faced during the coronavirus outbreak and its continuing disruption, we proudly represent scientists, engineers, and inventors who help make the world a better place, solve problems, save lives, and improve people’s quality of life. 

         As a completely virtual firm, our highly experienced IP legal team continues to produce error-free service on short notice. We work in a secure, cloud-based environment in multiple locations throughout the United States and Canada.

          If your organization is new to working remotely, or in a hybrid of home and office, we’d be happy to share our experiences and lessons learned. We can suggest remote work and document security tools and processes, which we have refined over the years. Let us help you make this new way of working feel normal for your business. 

        We are getting through this together. Let us know if there is anything Leber IP Law can do to support you during this period of recovery.

Protecting Our Clients' IP Investments

Your company invests countless hours and dollars into intellectual property. Now you need a trusted, reliable legal team that will make you their highest priority.

As scientists and engineers, we know what it’s taken to get you here. Some of us are inventors and patent holders ourselves, so we understand innovation and invention. Our technology and intellectual property legal experts will help you navigate the complex patent and trademark process in the easiest way possible. We provide the strategic guidance and skilled execution to maximize protection of your intellectual property worldwide.

Leber IP Law is not your typical law firm. As a flourishing, woman-owned, and diverse firm of experienced technologists who are dedicated to intellectual property, we bring the powerhouse experience of a large firm with these extra benefits:

Grounded in Strong Values
  • Uphold integrity in all actions and decisions

  • Deliver high-quality, efficient service and work product

  • Extend kindness and listening to all

  • Set the standard for fair and competitive pricing

  • Provide excellent strategic value to clients and fair compensation to employees

A Law Firm Designed to Be Different
from Others

Leber IP Law puts clients and employees first. Instead of the competitive, stressful environment in typical law firms, our firm culture is based on respect, teamwork, caring, and appreciation. Although we work in the cloud, we come together effortlessly to collaborate as a team and are tightly integrated virtually. 


In the deadline-driven patent and trademark world, you need:

  • A highly experienced IP legal team that can produce error-free service on short notice

  • A team that thoroughly understands the technology and intricacy involved in complex applications and worldwide portfolios

  • Professionals who are determined, strategic, persuasive, and persistent in explaining and defending your invention’s value

  • A firm that provides you the best value for your money, without sacrificing quality

  • Attorneys who strategize with you to pursue a scope of IP protection that will add value to your company

  • Honest people who will explain candidly if another route might be preferable or more practical

We work with small and large companies and engineers, scientists, foreign or U.S. attorneys and agents, and inventors. Some clients have multidisciplinary inventions involving more than one overlapping technology. When that happens, our patent attorneys work as a team to provide a comprehensive understanding of the client’s technology, thanks to the wide variety of technologies we serve:

Foreign Filings and U.S. Representation

We provide responsive, cost-effective, and reliable docketing and execution of foreign filings for our domestic clients using an extensive and trusted network of in-country associate firms.  We also file and prosecute incoming U.S. patent applications for foreign associate firms on behalf of their clients. 

Our Team

Leber IP Law’s most distinctive asset is our positive, helpful, and efficient team firmly grounded in integrity and respect. Our employees truly care about and are committed to our clients, constantly looking for ways to improve our internal processes and infrastructure to facilitate better client service and value. We have extensive expertise in a wide variety of IP-related subjects, including academic research, patent examination, trademarking, and biotech experience. We understand innovation and invention. 

Our Services

Patent Prosecution

Originating patent applications for clients’ inventions worldwide in a range of technologies, we prosecute patents to obtain the strongest claims possible.

Our Clients

“Wrays have been working with Leber IP Law for over seven years. Celia and her team’s technical skill is highly impressive, while their work product is strategically focused and of exceptional caliber.  When building a patent portfolio, Leber IP Law is a team that you want on your side.  They add value at every level of the IP process and always have their client’s best interests in mind.”

–Linda Kennaugh BSc (Hons), PhD Biochemistry, FIPTA, Principal

 “We can’t thank you enough for your valuable insight and advice. Your input has been very helpful in devising our IP strategy. We greatly appreciate and respect your professionalism and candor.”

–Sudhir Shrotri, CloudLex

"We have been working with Celia and her team at Leber Law
since the founding of our company in late 2013.  Not only have they provided exemplary IP patent expertise and counsel, technical know-how, and organizational oversight in our creation, filings, and management of our entire IP portfolio in several key areas across multiple geographies, but the Leber IP Law team has stood behind us through our entire startup and product launch trajectory. This group of people is great to work with and will help in any way they can. As the CEO of an early stage hard-tech company, I can’t speak highly enough of this type of quality support we have received over the years and the deep relationships we have developed with Leber Law."

-Rita Hansen, CEO, OnBoard Dynamics

"Celia said, 'we can do this,' and got excited about our inventions,
and she was very straightforward."

-Brett Mills, CEO, RES Equine Products

General Inquiries

Leber Patent Law PC

400 TradeCenter

Suite 5900

Woburn, MA 01801

Tel:  503-549-6269

Invoice and Trust Payments
We accept credit and debit card payments, ACH, Wire Transfers and EFT in US dollars, checks by pre-approval only. 
Please contact us for payment information at:

Tel:  503-549-6269

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Neither the content on this website nor transmissions between you and Leber IP Law through this website are intended to provide legal advice or to create an attorney/client relationship. If you communicate with Leber IP Law in connection with a matter for which we do not already represent you, your communication may not be treated as privileged or confidential.

Contact Us

No matter where in the world you are located, our team will make you their highest priority and help you protect your IP rights. 

Contact us to speak to one of our experts.

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