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Electrical & Automation

Our electrical & automation clients around the world invent electric power grid and storage technologies, analog and digital circuits, robotics, and manufacturing automation.

With a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering, Dave Robertson protects a variety of electrical and computer-related technologies. Dave began his career

developing science and engineering software for the electric power industry. He worked for the U.S. Patent Office, examining inventions in operations research and computer-related software automation, modeling, and controls, including renewable energy, grid control, and energy storage  technologies. 

Eileen Herlihy has worked on electrical cases involving surge arresters and batteries.

Airplane entering hangar

Invisible Intelligence

Protecting deployed technology for air traffic monitoring startup


Invisible Intelligence provides low-cost data devices to assist small airports in day-to-day operations, such as the G.A.R.D.® (General Audio Recording Device) and the G.A.R.D. Airport Dashboard System, developed to provide low-cost air traffic recording for small and municipal non-towered airports. 

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