Carol Egner, Ph.D, JD

Patent Attorney

Bird House

“Celia really sets an appreciative, positive tone for the firm. 
We are all respectful of each other and work together well.”

As a child, Carol was always interested in science, nature, and learning how things work. After earning her Ph.D. in molecular biology at Washington University, she did research as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Human Genetics at Yale University and in the Biology Department at Brown University. She also had her own lab at Phillips Petroleum Company when it was venturing into biotechnology. Her academic research focused on transposons, site-specific DNA recombination, and RecA-mediated recombination.

Carol’s career took a turn–to law school at the University of Wisconsin–when she decided she could combine her talent for clear and persuasive writing with her understanding of science in a career as a patent attorney.   

For over 20 years, Carol has drafted and prosecuted patent applications to maximize protection for individual inventors, biotechnology startups, pharmaceutical companies, and universities. Her years of scientific research experience have been invaluable in contributing to her understanding of inventions and her ability to explain the inventions to patent examiners. Carol has often found she has had experiences in the laboratory in common with inventors.


At her suburban Boston home, Carol relaxes by watching the Red Sox and figure skating (as an adult beginner in ice dancing). She is an experienced birdwatcher and enjoys observing wild birds in the local area, as well as at her backyard bird feeders. Carol is a novice gardener and counts among her successes "growing more flowers than weeds." She enjoys learning new things almost as much as she enjoys receiving Notices of Allowances for patents. She has been getting some instruction in mechanical engineering while (by special request for her writing talents) helping her husband draft and edit documents and lecture slides for the mechanical engineering courses he teaches.

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  • Nucleic acids and nucleic acid analogs
  • Proteins and peptides
  • Vaccines
  • Diagnostic methods
  • Antibodies
  • Immunoassays
  • Pharmaceutical delivery methods
  • Electrophoresis
  • Nutraceuticals


J.D., University of Wisconsin Law School, 1993

Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Washington University in St. Louis, 1981

B.S., Microbiology, University of Iowa, 1975


Massachusetts, Wisconsin,
US Patent & Trademark Office