Camille Girard

Patent Law Clerk/Paralegal

“I love the challenge and the fact that I learn something new every day. 
It’s delightful to work with such a great team of people, who do not hesitate to provide assistance when asked.”

Camille (far left) with colleagues Liz, Patty,
and Angie

With over 20 years as a patent law clerk/paralegal, Camille is experienced in U.S., foreign, and Patent Cooperation Treaty (international PCT) patents, as well as Canadian trademarks. Our clients appreciate working with Camille because she promptly responds to queries and goes above and beyond for them. 

Working in intellectual property (IP) law as a summer job made Camille realize it was a good fit for her career. She began working in trademarks and learned the basics of IP law, and then she moved to patent prosecution for a high-tech company that needed a patent law clerk. From there she began working as a patent law clerk with a major IP law firm in Ottawa, where she stayed for 15 years, before joining Leber IP Law. 

Camille enjoys learning more about U.S. patent prosecution with each new and exciting challenge. She also loves the easygoing nature of the team and how everyone works so effortlessly together and gets the job done! Working out of her home near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, clients benefit from Camille’s flexibility to work in various time zones. 

In her spare time, Camille enjoys many outdoor activities, including kayaking, camping, and hiking. She also enjoys traveling, and spending time with her husband and their dogs.

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Three years of biology at Memorial University

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