Team - Leber IP Law

Meet your IP team

  • Celia Leber

    Celia Leber

    Mechanical Devices, Engineering Processes & Chemical Compositions.
  • Linda Chan

    Linda Chan

    Trademarks, Domain Name Disputes & Design Protection.
  • Angela Armstrong-Baker

    Angela Armstrong-Baker

    Document Management, File Administration & Client Support
  • Shelly Fujikawa

    Shelly Fujikawa

    Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry & Biotechnology.
  • Eileen M. Herlihy

    Eileen M. Herlihy

    Biotechnology, Chemistry & Appellate Practice.
  • Carol Egner

    Carol Egner

    Biotechnology, Diagnostics & Microbiology.
  • Dennis Haszko

    Dennis Haszko

    Electrical, Mechanical & Computer-related.
  • Silia Kelly

    Silia Kelly

    Document Management, File Administration & Client Support.

Leber IP Law is always growing

We're always looking for great minds to join our growing team. At Leber IP Law, we value each employee’s individual strengths and contributions, and strive to provide the resources needed for each team member to succeed. If you have real-world experience in the IP field within industry or a law firm and believe you would make a valuable addition to the Leber IP Law team, we would love to hear from you.

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