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Bend, Oregon, is known the world over for its booming craft beer scene. More than 20 breweries are scattered throughout the city's modest 33 square miles. Taprooms across the city offer local ales, but transporting the beer to backyard barbecues and campouts has been less than ideal — until now. DrinkTanks has set out to change the way people drink beer, with their revolutionary growler design.

We trust Leber IP Law to guide us through the IP protection process. They know the ins and outs of the system, to actually protect us and our product.

Nicholas Hill, CEO, DrinkTanks

Patented Pours

DrinkTanks' CEO Nicholas Hill began developing a personal beer container design with his father in 2011. "We saw the need for a quality beer growler but couldn't find one," says Hill. "Everything on the market let light in, didn't keep the beer cold and allowed condensation to build up on the outside."

In 2013, Hill partnered with engineer John Herrick to develop the initial design. The result was a 64-ounce stainless steel growler with double-wall vacuum insulation. The growler keeps liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. The team turned to Kickstarter — a popular crowdsourcing platform — to raise funds for the fledgling company and walked away with more than $200,000 worth of backing for their product idea.

Since then, the company has raised over half a million dollars through public funding and, with help from Leber IP Law, patented their beer growler technology along the way. "Leber IP Law was exactly the kind of firm we wanted to work with," Hill says.

Together, DrinkTanks and Leber IP Law have obtained a number of patents — and continue to file new patent applications — including for a keg cap system with a manual CO2 injection valve to maintain the pressure of drinks, and keep them cold and fresh.

Hill says the collaboration between Celia Leber, the founder of Leber IP Law, and his company is built on mutual trust and communication. Hill comes up with the ideas, and shows the novelties and competitive advances of the product, he says, while Celia writes the patent applications that protect them.

"I can trust that the firm is always working for our best interests," says Hill. "They are great communicators who have followed through on everything they have promised."

DrinkTanks' goal is to create the best growler ever. With help from Leber IP Law, the task seems possible, giving beer drinkers a reason to toast.

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